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Sisterhood Stories – A simple dog post

I am looking for friends. What does that mean — tame?”
“It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. “It means to establish ties.”
“To establish ties?”
“Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world….
People have forgotten this truth,” the fox said. “But you mustn’t forget it. You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

That part of the Petit Prince has resonated in me since I read it, ages and moons ago. It’s a principle on which I have based a great part of my life. I have a very high sense of responsibility. Unshakable. Sometimes exaggerated, I must admit.

Take my dog for example. I chose him. The minute I held this furry 5 weeks old ball I knew. I had to give him my best. From the day he walked into our home he was fed, loved, entertained, mentally stimulated and walked. A lot. Three times a day, every single day. I can’t bear the idea that he could be unhappy for lack of care. He has become my responsibility, he depends on me. He’s tamed.

I have to make sure he has the best dog life. That doesn’t mean buying the most expensive stuff, don’t get me wrong here, but providing him the opportunity to be a dog. Not dressed up or groomed to the extreme either. Not trained to obey like a robot. Not a prized show dog. A dog. One that is allowed to sniff and pee on every lamp post, one that gets to meet other canines, one that can jump in the water or roll in the mud or grass if he pleases. I make sure it happens.
I feel so sad looking at my neighbors houses and knowing that there are seven dogs on my street. None of them I have ever seen on a walk. Or playing with their humans. One has never had more than it’s 4 feet leash and a small patch of grass to pee on to explore. And explore is too strong a word. As soon as his business is done, it’s back inside. A Labrador! It drives me crazy! How fun it must be to have a Labrador to play with!

But then maybe it’s me. I might just be asking too much, who knows? I must be wired differently.
That sense of responsibility applies for my sons as well. I will always be in a state of vigilance for as long as I feel they might need me. I’m always the last one to go to sleep. I’m a very light sleeper too, vigilance has taken a hold on me since my first son was born.
And I’m okay with that.  As much as I enjoy a glass of wine, I have never been drunk or even tipsy since becoming pregnant. It’s been a while (I know, don’t remind me). But I cannot allow myself to see my judgement impaired by alcohol or anything else as I’ve got my boys to protect. Should anything happen to them and I could not react in time, I’d never forgive myself.

You can guess I go to bed very tired. I think it’s the tiredness of all mothers. Of caregivers. That permanent state of vigilance is draining, I can tell you! But, we do have to get up bright and early on the next day and start again, don’t we?

All those thoughts came to me while walking my dog, of course. Our walks have become almost like a meditation, it’s good for both of us. It was only meant to be a simple dog post, an observation on my neighbors dogs, but then I started rambling on… I also wish my prose was more eloquent, but it’s 8pm and I need to recharge 🙂


Dog 4

Dog 3

Dog 2

Dog 1

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Sisterhood Stories – Making space for joy

Do you have dreams? What brings you joy?

It’s a simple question, really. I’m sure all of you can come with many answers in the blink of an eye.
The issue here is not really knowing what brings you joy but creating the time and space for it.

When we’re stuck between the rush of our daily lives, routine and commitment to a decent lifestyle, making space for anything else is a challenge.
I have all these desires and dreams that I still need to fulfill yet there seems to be no time for any of them. Some days I feel stuck and wish I could just leave it all (well, not all, but you get the idea) and buy myself a camper van and move around in the direction my heart is pulled towards. Anywhere.

But then I look around. And realize I’m happy here. Truly. It’s not perfect, never will be, but it’s good enough.
Why don’t I create the space for all these desires? Am I afraid of change or simply content the way it is? Is a dream’s sole purpose is to remain in your imagination? To never actually become within reach?I just don’t know. There are days I think I know, others I’m confused.

I had set myself some goals this year, learn watercolor and hand lettering. And I did. Though I wish I had more opportunities to devote some time to it at least I’m proud to have achieved those goals. I need to go out more too, photograph different landscapes. I might not need to travel far, just explore a bit more. And also learn a new language, why not?
I’ll get back to knitting too, because that also brings me joy. And keep on reading all those books on my endless to-read list.
I guess a balance between routine and adventure is what I need to set my heart on fire again. I just need to create the space for it and watch it ignite xox

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Lavender 1

Lavender 2

Lavender 3

Lavender 4

Lavender 5


Sisterhood Stories – Leaving summer behind

We had our first chilly morning today. First time in months that I felt myself shivering, I almost had forgotten the feeling. We did have an exceptionally warm summer. My body was soaking up the sun like it would never get enough. I actually have a tan! Really.
But as much as I want it to stay, nature is turning the page again, bringing September and its cozy evenings and colorful landscape.

I haven’t been on this blog in a while, the need the write was superseded by the need to be outside and filling up on sunshine.

The warm weather was amazing for my garden, I have loads of veggies to pick and to eat, Yum! Fortunately I had only one zucchini plant, for I have a courgette overload.  Bags and bags of shredded goodness await in the freezer for all those breads, muffins and soups I plan to bake in the coming months.So, I guess that’s a good thing I expect from autumn, though I am definitely not ready to let my sunshine go..

Here are some photos that speak of this summer short-lived but oh! so beautiful. No particular storyline here, just random snippets that make my heart sing.

summer 1

sky view



shadow play

city view

red shoes


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Sisterhood Stories – Winter moments

The joys of winter!  It does sound romantic to people who get snow once a year, they all wait anxiously to go out sledding, and take those perfect big chunks of snowflakes falling photos. In reality, when you do live in some parts of Canada, when comes February, the romance has long gone.  The snow is brown.  Mixed with abrasives and all the dirt from cars.  The ground is still frozen solid this year.  We’ve had a very cold one.  Trouble is you can’t predict winter.  It could be a mild one, and you get to see some grass by March or, you can freeze your butt off until the end of April.

But the magic still does happen when the sky gets filled with flurries.  When a fresh coat of white covers the soiled banks. For that moment, when time seem to stand still, hushed and pure white, it’s all worth it  (okay, maybe not that worth it, but one can build their own fantasies).  We’ve had a few of those days lately.  When you are able to forget how cold you really are and just enjoy the moment. When the boys hit the rink and come back with rosy cheeks. When you can only hear the blades on the ice and a couple of brave birds chirping.  (Mostly cardinals, blue jays and chickadees, in case you were wondering).

In these moments, I dress up in a rush, grab the camera and start shooting.  Until my fingers can barely move.

So while waiting for spring with an urgent longing, here are some winter moments, hopefully the last ones, LOL

Winter Moments 1

Winter Moments 2

Winter Moments 3

And since I sometimes have these crazy ideas for my RM images portfolio, I cannot possibly leave you without some winter creepiness 🙂


Winter skull

Winter Boy

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Sisterhood Stories – Frozen

I won’t lie, it’s really cold here.  Even for a northern girl like me who’s used to winter, it’s cold.  I may have all the adapted clothing and outerwear I need, I’m still shivering when going outside.  We had a first icy blast late December, then last week, we had hopes of spring.  Warm sunlight, birds chirping.  Today’s it’s back to reality, another blast of Arctic air hits us. I’m not one to complain usually, but I’m really dreaming of spring at the moment. I’m stuck inside and although it helps with my healthy resolutions, I have time for cooking, juicing and exercising, I’m longing to be out there shooting.  I have briefly picked up my camera to capture the cold, my fingers would freeze after a couple of seconds, my battery drained and my face burned.  It has nothing fairy tale like, it’s not a Disney movie.
Well, at least I’m still keeping up with my photo projects. The 100 Days of Happy one comes easy for me, I find sources of happiness everywhere, and it’s such a feel good project!  I really hope weather stops acting up so I can get to more serious and portfolio worthy work, I have a long list of written ideas to complete…  Meanwhile I guess I’ll stick to yoga, breathe in, breathe out, and wait for winter to pass…

Here’s some images of the cold white winter and a couple of extras from my photo projects thrown in 🙂






Also, I ordered fake polaroid prints made from my Instagram photos from Polargram, I love them!!  Affordable, fast and beautiful!!  Those are some of the little things that make me happy!


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