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Sisterhood Stories – Merry Christmas!

It’s our last post for this year!  We made it through a second year! I’m so thankful for this group of ladies that blog with us.  We’re a small bunch, but we’re a good one!  We don’t know yet how many changes our circle will go through for 2015, but one thing for sure, we plan to keep on posting.

I want to take this moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!  May your hearts be filled with delight and wonder, and may you enjoy the family time and keep the traditions alive.  May they bring you many happy memories to make you anticipate the next holiday season.

We’ve had our first major snowfall, so I’m heading outside in a couple of minutes to capture some winter scenes (yes, with the big camera!).  I did not have much time for Christmas photos, though I am in full Christmas spirit mode, so I’ll only share a few ones. Our family photos have yet to be taken, I always wait for the snow, because, who needs fake snow when one lives in Canada? Even though snow seems to get here later every year, I still prefer the real deal and yummy light to the fake overlays. If you don’t have snow where you are, you can always find some helpful freebies to add some winter or Christmas magic to your images by navigating to the freebies section, just sayin’ 🙂

I’m currently reflecting on this last year, on how the word I chose back in January influenced my journey.  I checked back on my goals, some I have reached, some I’m making progress on.  And I’m thinking of a new word for 2015, I already have my idea, but will ponder a bit more to see if it’s actually THE perfect one!  How was your year?  Did it hold its promises?  Was it good to you?  I hope it was, if not, time to turn the page and move on to the next in line!

So, once again wishes for a beautiful Christmas and a great year ahead.  Celebrate, love and have fun!

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Christmas 4

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Christmas 3


The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 12

Ludovic the elf will be leaving soon…  He’ll go back to his North Pole family and will grant us again with his joyful presence next December.  After all his adventures, he’s quite tired.  Living in a family with two active boys isn’t always easy.  He had to play hockey!!  He kept his skates on as a little keepsake of his good time here.  He knows the boys here have skates as a second skin, it’s part of their daily outfit.  

He likes to sit by the window at night, observing the stars and witnessing the amazing display of the northern lights.  Have you ever seen an aurora borealis?  When you see one you feel like you’ve been touched by some magic, and that’s exactly how Ludovic feels.  His biggest wish would be that this magic would spread to the entire Earth.  After all, every elf, human and creature lives under the same sky, and dreams under the same starry universe.  He’d love for the Christmas cheer to touch every single heart out there, if just for an instant.  Lighting up the eyes of every child.  Spreading compassion to every soul.  But he’s just a little elf, his own little magic has quite a small range, but what if every elf out there, along with everyone else would bless another with his own little magic?  Then it might have a chance to take over the world!!  Ludovic is a dreamer and an eternal optimist, and we love that about him don’t we?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, from our house to yours xoxo

Polar Night Sky Overlays


Our little elf is leaving you with a final freebie, some Northern Lights Overlays and a Milky Way star overlay.  Create and spread the magic —> It’s up to you…

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 11

Are we on day 11?  Already?  Wow…  Okay, let’s do this!

Chipper McSprinkles just came home from a long day wrapping up presents at the toy factory.  His lodge was warm and cozy and the quiet atmosphere made a nice change from the ever busy factory.  He removed his boots, started the fireplace and got a cup of hot cocoa brewing.  Life was good!  Really good!

He sat on his favorite recliner, put his feet up and got ready to watch the angel fashion show on TV, that was a show he awaited all year long.  Those lovely angels wearing  their beautiful, not very suitable for the North Pole, attire were a dream come true for a lonely elf like him.   His toes were getting warm from the fireplace, but he felt cold inside, maybe it was the chill in the air, maybe it was the loneliness.  So he decided to pour a little liquor in his hot cocoa.  He felt warm, but not enough, so he added more liquor…  Life suddenly started to feel a little less sweeter…  His eyes couldn’t focus on the beauties on the screen, and the lights in his Christmas trees were kinda groovy.

He knew it was time to stop drinking the boosted hot cocoa!  And since that liquor was only making him feel sorry about himself tonight, he decided to pour it down the drain!  After all, he was usually a very happy elf, yes, sometimes lonely, but deeply happy.  He had a job he loved, faithful friends, a nice enough lodge and enough candy cane to fill his tummy.  He traded his cocoa for a strong coffee and life started getting back into focus.  The lights in the tree were blinking bright, the beauties were as gorgeous as he remembered.   Aaah!  That was the good life he loved so much, he did wanted an elf of his own to share his life with, but he knew it was only a matter of time until he found his own mischievous angel.

 Groovy Lights overlays


Today’s freebie is a set of Groovy Light overlays.  And no need for liquor since they’re already blurry…  Sit on your recliner, put your feet up, and get your set —> HERE

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 10

There’s a buzz in the North Pole.  The elves are giddy with excitement!  Guess what?  The North Pole athletes were invited to be part of the next winter Olympics!  For the first time in the Olympics history, a delegation from the North Pole will be walking along the other great athletes of the world.  They’ve been training hard and are getting ready for the opening ceremony.  That will be an incredible sight!  Elves walking together in the stadium, showing their pride and holding their flags high!  Sidney Pucksby was going to be the flag bearer, that was quite an honor!  The first ever flag bearer of the North Pole!  He was also named team captain for the elves hockey team (their team name is really appropriate for polar regions, the Penguins, lol), he took both leadership roles very seriously.    That Pucksby elf never gave up and was a team player so he was highly appreciated by his team mates.  

While the team was training, there was an epic confrontation!  Since they’re so close to Russia, they had asked Russia’s best players to come for an off season game.  The Russian team captain and Pucksby held an intense face off, when the puck dropped it was all or nothing for both teams.  No one wanted to go home with a loss.

Ice Overlays

 The game was exciting, on both sides!  It ended up in a tie, so no team reign champion thus far.  Revenge match will be held during the Olympics, and that’s where we’ll separate the elves from the boys!!

Today’s freebie has been collected on the North Pole rink, Ice Overlays.  Cheer for Pucksby’s team HERE

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 9

It was a very stressful and emotional day in the North Pole.  Santa had received notice that someone, at the opposite end of the world wanted to take his place.  That turmoil started when an Emperor penguin heard some lab technician say “That jolly man in the North seems to have a good thing going on, why don’t we use our base and do the same?”  The penguin dived in the icy waters and told the orcas.  He traded the info for the safety of his family.  The orcas spread the rumor as fast as they could until one of them, in Alaska met a narwhal, who became in charge of taking the news to the North Pole.  

That news created quite a commotion, all activity stopped, an executive meeting was held.  Santa decided he would send a spy to the South Pole to sabotage, yes, you read correctly,  sabotage the research station.  It would be a very dangerous and lengthy mission that only a brave elf would be able to carry.  So,  Angel  IcyBlast was chosen.  She (of course it’s a girl!) would have to use a little magic and a lot of ruse to get in the station and spread the Holiday cheer to the technicians who clearly had mistook the Holiday spirit for a mercantile thing.  By filling the station with joy and happiness, they hoped to create a diversion and fill the hearts of the staff with cheer so they forget about their evil plans.  That was Angel’s mission objective.

Before leaving Angel created a little keepsake to give to her favorite elf so he would not forget her while she was away…  She didn’t know how long it would take for the magic to fill the station and if it’s effect would be able to turn things around.  She gave him a bookmark,  so everyday he could look at her and send her good vibes from the Noth Pole.

It turned out that what the Emperor penguin had heard wasn’t the whole story…  The lab technicians wanted to host a party on the base and share it live on the web for their families to see.  Exchanging virtual hugs and blowing kisses to the monitors.  So Angel’s mission wasn’t really that dangerous, and no sabotage was involved as the base staff already possessed the Holiday spirit.

Lesson was learned, from everyone in the North Pole.  If you hear something bad, make sure it’s true before acting on it.  That’s a wise advice I’d say…

Today’s freebie, you guessed, is a bookmark template.  When you or a loved one leaves on it’s next mission, no one will be forgotten.

2013 Bookmark


Template is a .psd file, shown above is the back  of the bookmark.  Grab your free template here —->  This link will self-destruct in 3, 2,1…

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