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Sisterhood Stories – The Story

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I’ve been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don’t mean anything
When you’ve got no one to tell them to
It’s true…  I was made for you

~Brandi Carlile

Everyone has a story to tell, each unique and beautiful in it’s own way.   Every line, and every scar being a milestone,  a testimony of our journey in this life.  Happy ones,  anxious ones,  ones we’d prefer not to remember.   Life draws itself on our face,  sculpting it,  giving it it’s own character and wisdom.

let’s share our stories over a cup of coffee,  or tea…

I feel so blessed,  I get to share my story with a loving family,  and I also get to share it with the world via my photography work.   But even then,  I sometimes feel like my story is one in billions,  lost in anonymity.   I feel like I’m walking through this life without leaving a legacy to be remembered.   And,  does it really matter much?   How do you tell your story,  with who do you share so your stories live on?  Some days I think of the people who go through most of their life alone,  how will we hear about their stories?   I believe every story should be shared,  no life goes without a purpose and a meaning.   Everyone won battles,  some more than others.   Some have lost their battles.   Many leave this earth unnoticed.   In the end what is the story people will be able to tell about you?   Might be a good time to start sharing and wearing it with pride on your face.

Me, lines and all…

I’m so thankful for this Sisterhood Stories blog circle,  it’s exactly what I had in mind.   Women sharing stories,  from the heart.  I now invite you to make your way around the circle, when you’re back on this page again, it means the circle is complete…  Read the story of Kate Geikowski  (…

Sisterhood Stories – Pyjamas

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I don’t know how it came to my mind, but I was suddenly remembering this scene from City of Angels,  where the angel asks the little girl who just died what did she loved best,  and her answer was as simple as it gets: pyjamas.

I remember clearly the feeling I got when I first saw this scene,  I was taken aback by the way kids see life,  so clearly and with such tenderness,  they are touched by the simplest of things,  and I guess that’s what they will recall the most.   I must say I was also shocked because I think I would have given the same answer.   I love pyjamas.  There is actually nothing better than soft, comfy, wrapping you up pj’s.  My boys share the same love.  And Santa does love jammies too,  he brings one to every member of the family each year.   We all expect to find one under the tree,  the softest Santa could find…


 (Gosh I can’t believe twelve years have passed since I took this photo…)

Pyjamas are at the top of my list,  but I must confess that thick, soft blankets are way up there too.  One can never have enough blankets…



What is the thing, that one simple thing that brings you so much comfort and happiness?  There has to be one!  Is it a recently found love or one you carry since childhood?  I know my love affair with pyjamas has been with me all the while…


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Sisterhood Stories – All I need

Once I saw myself as someone dying to be freed
But you have led me here and that’s all I need

All the world you held
The way you see yourself
You know that you’re bound to change
You might never be the same

Once I was a (wo)man that I no longer want to be
You have led me here and that’s all I need

~ Jim Cuddy, All I need

Yes,  once all I wanted was to be free.  You know artists have this way of thinking any contraints are meant to be broken in order to gain freedom.   I was like that BEFORE.   Before YOU.

It’s like the tables have turned,  all of a sudden and I never saw it coming.   I actually long for those everyday moments,  the routine.   Which I used to find so restrictive and boring.   I love being up at 6am on a Saturday to take you to a hockey game and to be in my pj’s at 7pm to watch a movie with you.   There’s no place else I’d like to be.   And I don’t feel I’ve lost anything in that sudden turn my life has taken,   I gained so much.

Those everyday moments we get together mean the world to me.  Walking you to the school bus,  fixing your lunchboxes.   It’s not even a chore.   All these little things I do bring me joy,  and I’m thankful for each and every one of them.  If you sum up the amount of all those little things we do with love,  at the end of the day it mounts up to a whole lot of happiness.

It wasn’t about freedom,  I realize that today.  It was about happiness,  and being completely free to love and be loved in return.  I have found my happy place,  here with YOU,  and it’s all I need.


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Sisterhood Stories – Letting go

Letting go of my higher than high expectations,
Letting go of my quest for a perfect life.
Letting go of my fears and doubts.

Life will never be perfect, and I should be blessed by it’s many imperfections.  It’s what makes it interesting and worthwhile, I will never be the perfect  mother ( even if I still secretly wish to be ) or the perfect wife and I’m not a superwoman ( even though I pretend to be ).  Often I wish my life was just like the ads you see on tv, the smiling mom who doesn’t care just one bit if her kid spills grape juice on her white pants.  The singing while mopping the floors, the pure bliss of family life.  It’s just not real, though my mind has trouble letting go of this reality it constructed all these years.  Life is hectic,  it has rainy days and thunderstorms.  Life is messy, noisy, crazy.  But perfect in it’s own way.  It’s the way it was given to me,  and it’s mine to cherish.

My life is not perfect,  I don’t live in some kind of fairytale.
My photos are real,  raw,  imperfect.  They’re not a witness of an imaginary life, they’re fragile,  sensitive,  and  true.  Just as I am.

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Sisterhood Stories – A distant memory

Sisterhood Stories is our new project,  born from friendship with other female photographers which share the same love,  passion and weaknesses (and craziness too).  Together we will be sharing moments in our personal journey, every Wednesday, in a blog circle.   Follow the link to Abby Lanes Photography to continue in the circle, with love xoxo


A box of photographs
A chest full of her beloved rings
A bag of her favorite dresses
Bottles of perfume
Is all I have left…


The memory of you fades with each passing day,  and I’m terrified of losing what little of you I still possess.  I wish I could hold on to my childhood memories, but as you always knew,  I can’t recall much and now that you’re not there to tell me again and again all that made me who I am today,  I feel like I not only lost my mother but my childhood as well.  I do know that the mother I am today,  I owe it all to you.    Every minute with my sons now take a whole new meaning,  leaves a deeper imprint,  engraves a new memory in my heart.  Filling the hole left when I lost you.  I want to make memories,  not only capture them,  as photos,  as beautiful as they are,  will never replace the real moments.  They can’t capture the sweet apricot smell of my newborn boy,  they can’t make you feel the warmth of a morning hug or the softness of a kiss.

There’s this urgency now to make memories,  many of them.   And at the same time there’s this creeping anxiety that I will not recall them,  just as I can’t recall most of my childhood and the thought of it is unbearable,  that’s why I hold on so preciously to that single box of photos you left me,  and to the ones I have of my sons.   I hope they remember the mother I am and was to them,  because not remembering you,  mom,  is so painful.   I sure wish you didn’t leave that fast,  and that I had more time to make up for all my  brain has not captured at the time.   I’m sorry my memory failed you and I love you.


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