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Sisterhood Stories – What about boys?

You probably wonder what this post is about…  Boys of course.  Little ones and growing too fast ones.  What about them?  You may know I’m a mother of boys, two wonderful specimens if I say so myself.  Recently I was troubled by some thoughts they were having and it lead me to realize we don’t care much about the boys self image issues.  We make a lot of fuss about the girls image and the way society expects them to be, but what about the boys? They are confronted daily with social expectations, peer pressure and what do we do about it, we simply ignore it.  It’s true that our society puts a lot of pressure towards growing girls, teaching them early to watch every calorie they eat, putting photoshopped models on every screen and magazine.  And we have a lot of work to do about it.  Boys and girls face the same issues, on different levels, but it does have side effects.   And one of these is anxiety.

My boys, I realized, are so much in control of their image, it’s scary.  Why can’t they, or any kid, boy or girl, grow up and just be themselves without fearing the rejection of others?  My son is in an enriched program at school, he has good brains, and a very gentle heart.  Can you believe he never wears his glasses at school?  He can’t go looking too much like a nerd, he would end up isolated.  He doesn’t ask questions either, the others might think he’s dumb.  Can’t be too nerd or dumb.  He doesn’t display his successes, even if he should be proud of the winning goal he scored at the last minute, he could be seen as an arrogant brat.  He never posts anything on social media, not even stupid videos, it could be used to mock him.  I know, boys aren’t confronted to body image issues as much as girls are, the pressure is elsewhere.  But there is pressure.  And it’s driving this mom crazy.  Whatever I say or do won’t work.  Even if I had the most confident boys out there, they would bend under the pressure.  They have to.  It’s about survival in the big world.  I just hope I’m giving them enough tools so they make it to adulthood without too much pain.  They are perfect as they are.  Not perfect in that unattainable way society wants them, but perfect as human beings should.

Think about it, it must be so tiring, having to control your every move or word, all the time!  Who decided to rob our kids of the right to have fun and just be themselves?  To laugh if they want to.  To be silly if they feel like it.  To be proud of their achievements, they worked hard for it.  To eat what they crave for.  Can’t they be the carefree kids we once were?

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Sisterhood Stories – The B-Side

I must confess I haven’t been shooting much these last days.  I’m not lacking inspiration, I’m just catching up on office work that needs to be done and that I had put aside, for many reasons.  One being, it’s boring!  I tend to favour the more fun, creative part of photography.  But one can’t be shooting and creating all the time.  One also has to update it’s portfolio, submit work to agencies, upload accepted submissions, and the tedious task of keywording everything.  That’s what I call the B-Side, just like on old music records, there was always this other song you only played when you really had the time for it.  November is quite the perfect time for that, as leaves have fallen, everything is brown or grey and cold.  Until the snow sets in and lights up the landscape, I prefer to be inside and catch up on clerical duties.  

So, that being said, I don’t have new work to share, so I looked around in my office since that’s where I’m spending most of my time, and snapped a few shots.  I have a new workspace, which is just SO me!  Shelving still needs to be added, so I’m not going be to sharing a wide-angle view of the whole space, boxes are still on the floor waiting to be emptied on awaited shelves (hubby is doing the shelves, hurry up honey! xox).  But you’ll get a feel of the place anyway 🙂

My “Kodak” shelf

My “Bird” shelf, with a special artwork done by my 9 year-old

More cameras, and beautiful faces…

Oops!  More cameras!  And a bird! On one of the shelves my dad bought me from an Antique store

A lovely crystal a dear friend sent me, when the sun shines, it creates rainbows all around the room…

My painted file cabinet, 5$ from the thrift store, plus 5$ for a can of paint.

And my new monitor, with a little piggy and a love note left by my son 🙂

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Sisterhood Stories – Around the city

I don’t go in the “big city” often.  Mostly I feel like it’s not worth the time spent jammed in traffic to get there or the price and availability of parking spaces.  Even if it’s really close it sometimes takes a long time to get to your destination.  You see, it’s an island and I live off the island which means I depend on a bridge for access.  Bridges seem to be the main attraction for road accidents, thus blocking everyone in or out of the island.  Often enough to drive you crazy.  And there’s also the road work.  On. Every. Highway.  It’s true I do like my little town surrounded by lakes, just enough city just enough country.  But sometimes I feel the urge to get out, so that’s what I did on my day off last week.  I wanted to walk around the old part of town and also visit my favorite place in the big city, the Chinese Garden (part of the Botanical garden) while the Magic of Lanterns exhibit was on.

Here’s some photographs of our day, all taken with my Lensbaby. 

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Sisterhood Stories – Clarity

I’ve been watching a lot of workshops and tutorials lately.  Inspiring ones, I must add.  They left me with an urge to create and in a way I’d never done before.  I often find myself too comfortable in my work, my images come to me easily, like a second nature.  And as much as I love my work, I want more.  I do have a problem though, a big one.  The more I try to challenge myself, the more confused I get.  It’s a bit difficult to explain, but I feel like I can’t really get a grip of who I really am and what I really want.  I’m lost.   And I’m not sure I like that feeling.  Actually, I hate it.  

It’s not about the way I live my life and the choices I made.  Those I’m rock solid on.  It’s the creative part of me, the way I express myself, how I want to do it, what I want to show.  That’s where I’m lost.  In a wide open sea, still, quiet.  It just doesn’t come to me.  I’m wandering in thick fog, trying to catch a glimpse of light.

You see, I think of artists that inspire me.  When I look at them, at their art, when I listen to them, I feel like they’re whole.  Everything about them is in harmony, they’re an incarnation of their creative minds.  Even in the way they dress.  I still can’t tell to this day, what my clothing style really is, what I really like, what is “me”.  I choose what I think I am, but is it really who I am?  I feel like it isn’t.  You see how confused I am now?  Down to the color of my next sweater!  Some people have such a clear sense of who they are, and when you meet someone like this you instantly feel it.  I mostly feel like something’s out of tune, something stops the flow, and I want to break the dam.

I’m not in a creative slump, I have tons of concepts and ideas in mind, all the time.  It’s about how I want to bring them out and how they represent who I am.  I love my work, I always did.  I still look at my images and they bring me the exact sense of peace I wanted from the beginning.  But I want more, and I do feel I’m more complex than that.  I just don’t know how to bring it to the light.  I want clarity.  How does one find clarity?  I’d be a happy gal if I knew!

In order to go further in my creative work I took some steps.  I enrolled in classes, one is a videography class with Xanthe Berkeley, the other’s a creative writing class from open edu.  I want to do both these courses for personal reasons, not business reasons.  I don’t want to gain more fans or get more sales from them, I do it for me.  Will it help me find clarity, I doubt it.  Clarity will have to come from within, and I don’t have a clue how and when it will strike.  I might need years of psychoanalysis sessions, lol

I know my personal choices and creative spirit are related, and in the end, when I do find the light, my daily life will only benefit from it. In the meantime I will have to put up with never being totally satisfied with my work.  It’s a long process but I’m moving forward.  Fog will lift with time.

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Sisterhood Stories – An apple love affair

The Apple

So this is the fruit that made us all human.
So this is the fruit we reached for and got.
So this is the fruit that ripens in autumn.

I envy your eye.
Knowing roundness,
you put an apple in a bowl,
curve into curve
like lovers.

~Bruce Guernsey

There’s just something about apples.  The simple rounded shape, the variation of colors, the way light hits it, it’s just perfect in every way.  I love that excerpt from this poem that talks about Paul Cézanne.  He knew.  He fell in love with them too.  I could photograph apples all the time, and each photo would be different.  
Apple season comes with my favorite time of the year, autumn.  Picking apples is a time I take for myself, walking alone in the orchard, in the comfortable September sunlight.  Thinking of all the photos I’m going to take and all the desserts I’m going to bake.  Every year, I hear the calling and I need to go.  Resistance is futile, I give in, and I’m happy to do so.

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