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Sisterhood Stories – New Brunswick Vacations

For our family vacations, we decided, this year, to explore New Brunswick.  I had wanted to see the Bay of Fundy for a long time.  It’s a gorgeous coast.  With its highest tides in the world, it’s a sight one remembers.

We went to Hopewell Rocks, a park where you can walk on the ocean floor at low tide and see the interesting rock formations shaped by the strong tides.  I would have spent a lot more time there.  Only downside to such a place, every tourist has to access it at the same time, before the tide rises again, and that makes it very crowded.  But definitely worth seeing! I loved the brownish tones of the rocks and water, they called one of the rivers there, the chocolate river, when all the water has gone, all is left is warm brown mud.  I wore kayak neoprene shoes, that was a brilliant idea, since you just have to rinse with water, and the mud is gone! Best invention ever those shoes!

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks

There’s also little caves to explore here and there at Hopewell Rocks, the boys had fun going through them. You can kayak through the rocks at high tide, but we didn’t get to do it this time, it must be incredible though!

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks

New Brunswick has gorgeous, endless beaches too!  The water is not as warm as I expected it to be.  They sell the place saying the Gulf Stream warms the waters, but maybe on that day, we weren’t on the warm current track.  We had fun anyway and on a beautiful day as this one was, cool water was perfectly fine.

Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach

We also visited the town of Shediac.  We had a great lobster dinner and got to learn about the life cycle of the lobster and about lobster fishing. There’s a wharf nearby where you can walk along and see the boats and have good food as well!

Pointe du Chêne wharf

Pointe du Chêne wharf

Homarus Eco-Centre

Pointe du Chêne wharf

Pointe du Chêne wharf

Finally, just before our trip ended, we caught a little rain, just enough to give us a rainbow 🙂

Rainbow in Shediac


Goodbye New Brunswick!  You were good to us!  We’ll see each other again xox

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Sisterhood Stories – Eleven

You’re going to be 11 on St. Patrick’s  Day.  My little  good luck charm as I so often call you. It’s true, since you came into my life, you only brought smiles, light and so much love.  You still hug me as tight.  You still kiss me good morning and goodnight.  You are my serious and responsible one.  You always choose what’s right and fair, you put others before yourself.  You are wise for your age.  But, in all that seriousness, sometimes you allow a little silliness to show.  That’s when the light you carry shines the brightest.  The twinkle in your eye, the goofy smile, it’s all there, and it’s all good.

I sometimes worry that you forget about yourself, and do things to please others, neglecting your own little desires and needs.  They’re important, you know.  I’m all for respect, my sweet boy, but you do have to show up for your own dreams as well.  And I will keep reminding you, don’t worry.  That’s my job and I plan to do it well, you deserve it.

You are a lot like me.  You can’t stand socks, removing them as soon as you enter the house.  I keep finding stray socks everywhere.  Mine and yours!  You aren’t a social animal, and you’re okay with that.  I respect your boundaries, I understand how you can feel.  I’ve been there, I’m still often there.  We can duck under the covers together, it’s warm and cozy, perfect for us.

Before you grow up too fast, I just want you to know how much I love you.  Just the way you are.  Time spent with you is the greatest gift you can give me, I do learn a lot from you. You are becoming an amazing boy, a natural, gentle leader.  One who cares and never disregards anyone’s feelings.  I think your light will shine far and wide my love, just give it time, you have plenty.  I will stand by your side for as long as you need me to.












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Sisterhood Stories – Winter moments

The joys of winter!  It does sound romantic to people who get snow once a year, they all wait anxiously to go out sledding, and take those perfect big chunks of snowflakes falling photos. In reality, when you do live in some parts of Canada, when comes February, the romance has long gone.  The snow is brown.  Mixed with abrasives and all the dirt from cars.  The ground is still frozen solid this year.  We’ve had a very cold one.  Trouble is you can’t predict winter.  It could be a mild one, and you get to see some grass by March or, you can freeze your butt off until the end of April.

But the magic still does happen when the sky gets filled with flurries.  When a fresh coat of white covers the soiled banks. For that moment, when time seem to stand still, hushed and pure white, it’s all worth it  (okay, maybe not that worth it, but one can build their own fantasies).  We’ve had a few of those days lately.  When you are able to forget how cold you really are and just enjoy the moment. When the boys hit the rink and come back with rosy cheeks. When you can only hear the blades on the ice and a couple of brave birds chirping.  (Mostly cardinals, blue jays and chickadees, in case you were wondering).

In these moments, I dress up in a rush, grab the camera and start shooting.  Until my fingers can barely move.

So while waiting for spring with an urgent longing, here are some winter moments, hopefully the last ones, LOL

Winter Moments 1

Winter Moments 2

Winter Moments 3

And since I sometimes have these crazy ideas for my RM images portfolio, I cannot possibly leave you without some winter creepiness 🙂


Winter skull

Winter Boy

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Sisterhood Stories – To my Gentle Giant

You’re going to be 15 next week…  How fast the time has flown! I remember the moment you entered our lives, my advanced Christmas present. You had lots of spiky black hair, you were so precious and beautiful.  And tall.  You were already a tall baby, now looking down on me from your 5′ 11″ I’m the one feeling so small.  The doctor told me to expect you to still grow in the next two years.  Oh! My!  My clothing budget can’t follow your growth!

Joking aside, I just wanted to write how proud of you I am.  You are becoming a wonderful young man. You’ve always shown compassion and generosity, but now that you’ve matured, I’m amazed at the way you see and feel the world. You have that deeper knowledge now, where you see how faulty humans are, but where you understand that these faults are just scratches on the surface.  You are showing compassion and tolerance in a way I wasn’t able to at your age (and sometimes I still have trouble with my tolerance level, I’m faulty, as you know really well by now, but you forgive me and love me just the same ).  I love you deeply, and all the nights I spent awake worrying, for no good reason, that was just my anxious self rambling, are slowly becoming history now.  You are brilliant, confident, funny, healthy and show a great sense of morals and justice. You will bring so much to the grown-up world, I just know it. I do hope it welcomes you like you deserve it to.

I was terrified of facing the teenage years, I was certain not to possess the maternal skills to get through it.  You definitely made it easy on me and I thank you for it 🙂 You’re a beautiful athlete, one that’s not afraid of commitment and one that knows how to be a team player and how to play by the rules.  You’re intense, I’ll give you that. But it only serves to challenge me in a good way. I never need to push you, in fact, only some broken bones can stop you LOL

Happy birthday, my gentle giant.  Wishing you a world with endless possibilities, much love and a whole lot of joy, and a son just like you (but not soon, okay?).  xox


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Sisterhood Stories – Merry Christmas

This is our last Sisterhood post for 2013…  This year has gone in a blur! I know the year’s not over yet, but when the Holidays come it’s also a time to reflect on the past year.  What were your goals for 2013?  Did you manage to reach them?  Did you have a word for this year, and how did this word inspire you through the year?  My word was Quietude, and although it hasn’t been too quiet, I feel like I’ve settled some issues.  I’m less anxious about my decisions and I feel like I found at least part of the sense of direction I needed in my work.  I enjoy every part of my life more, so that’s my progress this year.  I’ve also diversified my portfolio and worked on putting more work out there, on different platforms, so maybe next year, one of my dreams of having a photo of mine on a book cover will be a reality.  Fingers crossed x

As December moves on it’s now time to start thinking of a new word, and write down some new goals and aspirations…  That’s my plan for these next weeks, so I’ll guess my first post in 2014 will be about that word and what it inspires me.

Until then, I’m wishing you a wonderful Holiday season, may you be surrounded by the ones you love and may laughter  and joy fill your hearts.  I’m grateful for your presence on this blog and on my FB page, it’s like one big beautiful family, and that makes me happy xoxo

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Merry Christmas

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