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The 12 days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 1

Little elves are hard at work at this crazy busy time of year.  Designing, building, wrapping toys.  Double-checking the nice or naughty list.  There’s almost nothing they can’t do.  But sometimes, they are confronted with a very special wish from a child, and they just can’t figure out how to create it.  That’s when they turn to Santa.  After all, Santa is the master Mr. Fix it.  He will build anything you have in mind, or he will fix that object or toy you wish would still work.  Even the most confusing designing puzzle, he’ll sort out.  He may be a cookie and hot cocoa addict, but he has the mind of a genius, and there’s also some magic involved…  Sometimes.

Santa loves his own personal workshop, he likes to sit at his workbench and figure things out.  He likes the smell of sawdust almost as much as the smell of peppermint.  Mrs Claus secretly wishes that sometimes, he would come upon an object he couldn’t fix and that he would give up.  But he never does…  Like that time when her very old hot cocoa machine died, she would have loved to get one of those shiny new programmable one-cup-as-you-wish machine, but no, he fixed the damn thing, again.  Though Mrs Claus certainly loves her man and her vintage (uh-hmm, old ) stuff, she often dreams of new and more modern ways to help her in everyday chores.  

“I will learn to love the skies I’m under”,  some singer said,  she remembers, and that’s what she does.  Even when life in the North Pole is at it’s worse, and when her days are a blur under too much work, she knows the magic is still there.  Not in the shiny new stuff, but in her heart and in the heart of her man.   And in the heart of every single elf and fairy giving their all for the greater good.  That puts a smile on her face, and then she goes back to her kitchen, puts the kettle on the fire, grates some chocolate, whips some cream and life goes on, as happy as it always was…

Sharing with you today three textures grabbed from Santa’s workbench…

Santa's workbench textures

Santa's workbench textures

Santa's workbench textures

If you’re not afraid of a little mess and of a lot of sawdust, enter Santa’s workshop —–> HERE

Sisterhood Stories – Tis the season

I love this time of year!  I really do!  I love the candy canes and glittery ornaments.   I love the warm light the tree spreads across the entire living room.   I love my mistletoe ball hung in the entrance,  everyone has to go under it before leaving the house…  It’s all those little details that make the season magical.   It’s the time I take to  make it happen.   It’s the cookies I bake and the gingerbread we decorate.   It’s the stockings hung on the mantle,  waiting to be filled.   It’s the slowing down and taking it all in…


Well,  I just told you I was slowing down, but I couldn’t leave you without a Twelve days of Christmas edition this year.  But in the spirit of making things easier on me,  I will be teaming up with another photographer,  so half the work for me,  and as many goodies for you!  Clever,  hey?


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The twelve days of Christmas are coming!

Since last year’s 12 days were a huge success, the little elf in me decided to go on and have another 12 days of freebies on this blog.

It starts Dec 1st!  Eeek!  I can only give you a little hint of the free stuff I will post, templates, overlays, actions, etc.   I’m sure you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

So, this little elf better get back to work otherwise Santa might add her name to the naughty elf list…   See you on Dec 1st!


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