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The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 7

At the end of a busy day at the toy factory, when all the elves have gone back to their lodges, turned off the lights and locked the doors, something mysterious happens.  Every single night.  When the North Pole people sleep, noise starts to spread across the place, lights blink back to life and animation fills the air.  Oh, yes, what you already knew, deep in the recess of your imagination, is true.  Toys do come to life at night.  They are very social and love to play with each other.  They need to connect with other toys, not only with humans.  Dolls start romances, stuffed animals play tea party, vehicles have their races.  They dance and play the night away, always ending the night one hour before sunrise, with a toy parade.  Horses lead the way,  followed by toy soldiers in formation, then come the circus and action figures.  They march to the beat of the little drummers and make their way around the factory before going back to their boxes, pretending to sleep but intently watching the elves at work.   It’s a magical time for them and humans are clueless about it.  

There was an elf once who witnessed the whole party and that’s how the Elf on the Shelf tradition started.  Real elves suddenly started designing toy elves, to be sent in families around the world.  Knowing that at night, the mischief would start and humans would wonder how on Earth this would happen.

If you ever catch a toy or an elf in action, please do share it’s story or photo with us!  You can also share the magic by adding that photo to this Facebook timeline template 🙂

Joy timeline


You’re invited to the toy factory party  —-> HERE

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 6

In the North Pole, elves are the ones doing most of the toy confection, day in and day out, they assemble, shape and design the many treasures kids on Santa’s nice list ask for.   What no one knows is that the Ice Fairy also contributes to the toy making efforts of this active crew.  The Ice Fairy is a very girly girl, and she loves fashion!!  If she weren’t blessed with fairy powers she would have been a fashion designer.  She loves the shows and the dress making part.  Even the more tedious chores like pattern making, resizing, trimming and adjusting.  After all, she does have fairy hands, so everything she touches becomes delicate and glamorous.  She is the master seamstress, inspiring tons of celeb designers around the world.   That’s why she’s now in charge of the whole doll clothing division.  Silk, taffetas, tulle, glitter, she loves it all!  Designing gowns and everyday fashion, and accessories!!!  Every doll also needs it’s accessories, shoes, handbags, oh my!

Dress Making


The Ice Fairy has more than enough glitter fabric to fill a whole warehouse, so, in an effort to downsize, she kindly shared with us a few of her glitter, that she turned into overlays.  These can brighten up any Christmas or winter image, as you can see below, they were used and blended in order to create a dreamy back ground 🙂

Glitter Overlays

Glitter Overlays


Get your fairy hands on some Glitter Overlays HERE…

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 5

Three weeks before Christmas, Santa always gives the elves  and everyone else working in the North Pole, a day off.  This day is intended to celebrate the arrival of winter, to take a much needed break from toy making and also to fortify the bonds between all members of this huge family.  This day is known as the Winter Carnival.  Many activities and contest are planned and people work all year round at perfecting their crafts and skills for this one day.  There’s the apple pie baking contest, in which Mrs Claus reigns undefeated.  There’s a team snowball fight and a scavenger hunt.  There’s also a snow globe making contest (the Ice Fairy is the one to beat here) and, the highlight of the day is the sledding race.  Why?  Because the elf who builds the fastest sleigh gets to kiss Honey  Tinselspice.  She is a coveted elf.  Many boys would love to win her heart, but she has yet to find the one she loves.

Alfie Fizzystockings had been secretly in love with Honey for a while now, so, he spent all his free time in the last year building his sleigh.  He polished it, made aerodynamics analyses, tweaked it again until he was sure his sleigh was the fastest in all of the North Pole.  Except of course, Santa’s sleigh.  The use of magic is forbidden at the Winter Carnival games, so it’s all skill and a lot of practice.

When the bells rang the start of the race, Alfie was ready to leave his competitors behind, in a trail of misty snow and to put his lips on Honey’s cheeks.  It didn’t happen exactly as planned though…

Dashing through the snow, in a wonky plastic sleigh…

Alfie's sleigh

There was a reason why Alfie was bearing the Fizzystockings name…  And that had caused him many problems in the past, today was no exception.  Some yarn from his socks unravelled, tripping his perfectly fast sleigh and causing him to make an impressive 360 degrees figure in the air.  He landed right on Honey’s lap!  He was dizzy from the fall and looked shaken so Honey kissed him (on the mouth!!) to comfort him.  He could not believe his luck!  What could’ve been his worst nightmare turned out to be his dream come true.  He didn’t win the race, but he got the sweetest reward…  Only time will tell if these two will actually fall in love…

Today freebies are Merry Text overlays (some you can see used on Alfie’s picture).  There’s a layered .psd file & a .png file.  Get on your sleigh and GO!!!

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 4

We have one very happy elf at home today!  He has been waiting for this day for so long!  Yes, even older boys count down the days until their birthday.  This one boy got up very early because he was so excited to open a present before leaving for school.  And, no, you don’t get to stay home from school on your birthday, you still need to go…  So this Mrs Claus here and her faithful little helper Ludovic are busy getting things ready for a birthday celebration, so we won’t be spending too much time online, our services are needed in the kitchen.  A cake has to be baked, and a special treat for the lunch box as well as a favorite dinner meal has to be planned.

Day 4

But we’re not leaving until we share with you a little present as well 🙂  You will also be able to count the days until your birthday (yes, grown ups do it too!) with this 8X10 Photo Calendar template.  It’s a .psd file and you can customize the colors easily.  Circle the important dates if you wish, and it makes a nice present for the family…



Get your calendar HERE

The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 2

Every year after Christmas, a group of elves go on a road trip.  They leave the North Pole and travel down to more hospitable regions.  It’s a time to unwind and relax after the crazy season they had, because, let’s face it, soon they’ll be back at work for the next round of presents.  So that trip is one to build friendship, to get to know each other better, and to discover some far away land where trees aren’t evergreen and the land isn’t covered in white.

Each year they head for a new destination, they plan their trip months in advance and they wait anxiously  for the moment when they’ll hit the road.  As soon as the North Pole lights fade in the distance they feel a pang of mixed emotions, the excitement to discover something unknown and beautiful and the longing to stay in this magical place they love so much.  They know they’ll be back sooner than later, so excitement wins over and off they go!

To be honest, they do miss their wonderful friends and family, but they stay in touch, thanks to technology.  Yes, elves are always one step ahead of us, after all they’re the ones creating all those gadgets that allow us to stay connected even when oceans apart.  And you know what?  They post their trip photos  for the world to see, on Icebergram, that social platform for elves.  They have a tons of followers there!

And they do love some photo tweaking now and then, so they apply filters for Icebergram to their images.  They even shared their secret filter recipe with us, so today’s freebies are three actions to give a vintagey road trip look to your images.  How cool are those elves?

TimberlandDriving through the Boreal Forest, spotted a moose!!  #MooseSightingNo1297 #ElvesRoadTrip


Hi there!  There’s a stranger in our vehicle!  #Who’s this?  #ElvesRoadTrip


Ready to dip our toes in a thawed ocean!!  This is going to be great!  #OceanLife #NoPolarBear #ElvesRoadTrip

Want to add the Icebergram filters to your images, in CS or PSE?  Drive this way —–> Zoom!  Zoom!

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