Sisterhood Stories – In need of change

Hello there!  Yes, you are still on the same blog!  You probably have noticed some changes here, I hope you like them.  I was in need of a whole new color theme so I went with the colors that spoke to me at the moment.  Warmer, but still soft.  I also made changes to all my social media profiles (if you follow, you have noticed 😉  If you don’t, well it’s about time you do follow me!).

There’s another change in the shop too, instead of hosting my files and delivering them via my own shop, I now moved to a cool, trendy marketplace.  Yes, I am now on Creative Market.  I’ve loved that place from it’s debut, registering as early sign-up, and bought many items from them, but just now realized I should sell on there too!  So you can now find my resources HERE.  And, if you are not familiar with the place, be sure to have a look around, there are free assets every week, and tons of talented designers.

Changes happen also on a personal level, I had a haircut this week, I’d say I lost about 6 inches of hair.  What an easy way to lose five pounds! I also have a personal trainer. Yep!  My oldest, who’s big into health and nutrition, and also wants to have a medical career geared towards biomechanics, is trading services with me.  I drive him to the gym daily, and he trains me (and offers great teenager advice) daily.  I must say that I’m a bit of a reluctant client, not that I don’t think fitness is important, but my ADD brain gets bored pretty fast.  Two minutes of jogging and I want to tear my head off, seriously.  So, we use the trampoline, and we make it fun.  That’s a good start.

I have a pretty long list of thing I want to do this summer, so, I better get back to it, blog/website update was one of them, and I can check it off the list! Thanks Elena, who once again worked miracles with my site xox

I can’t leave you without some prettiness, right?

Queen Anne's Lace 1

Queen Anne's lace 2

Queen Anne's lace 3


Until the next blog post, much love to you xox

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Sisterhood Stories – Death of the bird

The Death of the Bird

For every bird there is this last migration:
Once more the cooling year kindles her heart;
With a warm passage to the summer station
Love pricks the course in lights across the chart.

Dead Grackle 1

Year after year a speck on the map, divided
By a whole hemisphere, summons her to come;
Season after season, sure and safely guided,
Going away she is also coming home.

And being home, memory becomes a passion
With which she feeds her brood and straws her nest,
Aware of ghosts that haunt the heart’s possession
And exiled love mourning within the breast.

Dead Grackle 2

The sands are green with a mirage of valleys;
The palm-tree casts a shadow not its own;
Down the long architrave of temple or palace
Blows a cool air from moorland scarps of stone.

And day by day the whisper of love grows stronger;
That delicate voice, more urgent with despair,
Custom and fear constraining her no longer,
Drives her at last on the waste leagues of air.

Dead Grackle 3

A vanishing speck in those inane dominions,
Single and frail, uncertain of her place,
Alone in the bright host of her companions,
Lost in the blue unfriendliness of space,

She feels it close now, the appointed season:
The invisible thread is broken as she flies;
Suddenly, without warning, without reason,
The guiding spark of instinct winks and dies.

Dead Grackle 4

Try as she will, the trackless world delivers
No way, the wilderness of light no sign,
The immense and complex map of hills and rivers
Mocks her small wisdom with its vast design.

And darkness rises from the eastern valleys,
And the winds buffet her with their hungry breath,
And the great earth, with neither grief nor malice,
Receives the tiny burden of her death.
~A.D. Hope

There’s something utterly moving about a dead bird. Every time I find one, I feel like it’s my duty to honor their life.  Bird are my very favorite creatures on this earth, so don’t worry, I wish them no harm.  I don’t collect them, or have a creepy attraction to them, I just think that even in death, they hold so much poetry in their fragile, tiny earthly bodies.  Hopefully, their souls are still above, soaring in an endless and peaceful migration xox

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Sisterhood Stories – The prettiest season

The prettiest season is definitely peony season!  If you are, like me, a peony addict, you find that season to also be way too short. Peonies make every garden look luxurious with their large, colorful and heavenly scented blooms. This year I couldn’t add a new peony cultivar to my garden, not that I didn’t want to, but when you want special bulbs, there’s a price tag coming with it, and I couldn’t justify spending a hundred dollars for a tiny plant. Because, it’s obvious that I’d end up wanting more than one, right? Still looking for the perfect yellow one, by the way…

This year, the prettiest season was really cut short due to steady rainfalls.  The long, heavy stems bent under the weight of water-filled blooms, the moist petals getting moldy and falling before I had time to fully enjoy them.

So, all my plans for an ginormous collection of still life photos featuring peonies will have to wait for next year.  I did manage to capture a couple of images from my coral peony that blooms a couple of days before the others, and I cut a couple of white buds that I got to enjoy before they were all wasted.

Here’s this year meagre selection of images, enjoy xox

Peonies 1

peonies 2

peonies 3

peonies 4

peonies 5

peonies 6

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Sisterhood Stories – Timepieces and pieces of time

I’ve been wanting to photograph these pocket watches for a long time, never getting the opportunity until a couple of weeks ago. They belong to my father in law. He loves watches and knows how to take them apart and fix them. He has all these gears and tiny pieces, it’s fascinating. It’s probably why my husband is also a Mr Fix it. He can fix anything! It’s a blessing and a curse. He can always find a way to save my old and treasured pieces or mementos. But then, he can also fix old eye-sore appliances. “Honey! It was simply a hose!” Then, it’s a strap or whatever he found that could be replaced, sigh… But I digress.

I originally wanted to write about time. The one the anxious in me sees slipping away like sand through one’s fingers. Have you noticed how experiences seem reversed at some point through parenthood? There are all those exciting first times, first smile, first step and first “I love you”.

Later comes the sneaky last times. The ones you never saw coming and that hit you like a ton of bricks. The last storytime in bed. One day, they’ll just go to bed like it never happened, and the worst thing is, you might just not notice. You never expected that last time was really the LAST time.

That just scares me like crazy. Honestly, I’m not built to deal with this.  At least that’s what I tell myself. I always manage to overcome my fears when the time comes, but the doubt is still lurking just below the surface. One just makes it through in the hopes that the first times or last times are remembered and treasured as part of something bigger and precious.

Motherhood is made of thousands of little joys and miracles and thousands of griefs and losses. There’s really nothing quite like it, and even though I’m still scared daily, it’s still the most amazing of journeys.

Pocket watches 1

Pocket watches 2

Pocket watches 3

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Sisterhood Stories – Muscari fever

If there were such a thing as Muscari fever, well I think I’d be suffering from it.  Seriously,  I just LOVE these tiny, tightly packed bells. And the fact that they’re blue just adds to their loveliness.  There never is enough blue in a garden!  These pretties are always stealing the show in the spring, and I’m sad to see that they never last long enough.  That’s why I take lots of photos each year.

It had never occurred to me that grape hyacinth could come in another shade than blue.  Just my luck, they do! In white, pink, baby blue, and combos of blue and white.  Some also look like they’re wearing a bonnet!  So cute!  I just need them all!  I’d need a bigger yard. Or maybe I’m just living in the wrong era.

What if I was a Babylon Queen and could walk in the hanging gardens.  I could picture it.

I could also be sitting in Monet’s garden at Giverny, watching him paint. Drinking wine. Yes. That’s more like it.  I think the fever has me in a delirious state 🙂

Do you have a dream garden?  What does it look like? I do prefer an eclectic mix, a little bit messy and overgrown.  More like the English gardens.  The French gardens are just too tidy for me.  That’s all a matter of personal preferences, of course.  I’ll leave you with some delightful blues, until next time xox







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