Sisterhood Stories – Afternoon break

These last two weeks haven’t been the most exciting, creatively speaking. Looks like I’m just waiting here for an opportunity to shoot some decent images. I do have tons of ideas, don’t get me wrong, the list is getting longer each day. But the time needed to put all these ideas to fruition is lacking. I only have a short amount of time in my afternoon break, as I call it, to get creative. That too short period of time between me getting home from work and the after school rush. So, I write down my plan, from concepts to props and poses (I have many inspiration boards to print, LOL) and then time’s up! So, I do my best to keep shooting using my iPhone, participating in monthly challenges as usually I can snap something in a minute or less and that’s just fine with me for now. Also, since I can now submit phone images to my portfolio, I create with that in mind.  These photos will serve the challenge and build myself a more wider portfolio! I do have a real shoot planned for tomorrow (Lord help me, I still have some DIY props to create!) so I might have something new to share on the next post, yay!

So, that said, I’ll share some of my images from our ongoing November challenge on Instagram, you can check #fpoenovember if you want to follow us. I’ll also be doing a December challenge with another group, that one I also like because it’s more of a reflection on the year that just passed, and that helps to keep the important things in focus. We tend to forget so fast in this instant sharing world.





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2 Comments on Sisterhood Stories – Afternoon break

  1. Johanna Garlike
    November 26, 2016 at 4:30 am (2 years ago)

    taking part in challenges keeps the mind thinking creatively regardless of the camera – and these pictures are just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing images from your planned shoot. Jo x

  2. Elena
    November 26, 2016 at 9:24 pm (2 years ago)

    I do have the same exact problem with time… this year has been the worst so far, as I was incredibly busy and had no time to take many pictures that are still in my head, waiting to be “freed”.
    I can’t do monthly challenges, but have just talked in my latest post about a personal challenge you are all welcome to join 🙂
    As usual, your pictures are amazing. No matter how time you have to shoot, your personality always shows!


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