The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 11

Are we on day 11?  Already?  Wow…  Okay, let’s do this!

Chipper McSprinkles just came home from a long day wrapping up presents at the toy factory.  His lodge was warm and cozy and the quiet atmosphere made a nice change from the ever busy factory.  He removed his boots, started the fireplace and got a cup of hot cocoa brewing.  Life was good!  Really good!

He sat on his favorite recliner, put his feet up and got ready to watch the angel fashion show on TV, that was a show he awaited all year long.  Those lovely angels wearing  their beautiful, not very suitable for the North Pole, attire were a dream come true for a lonely elf like him.   His toes were getting warm from the fireplace, but he felt cold inside, maybe it was the chill in the air, maybe it was the loneliness.  So he decided to pour a little liquor in his hot cocoa.  He felt warm, but not enough, so he added more liquor…  Life suddenly started to feel a little less sweeter…  His eyes couldn’t focus on the beauties on the screen, and the lights in his Christmas trees were kinda groovy.

He knew it was time to stop drinking the boosted hot cocoa!  And since that liquor was only making him feel sorry about himself tonight, he decided to pour it down the drain!  After all, he was usually a very happy elf, yes, sometimes lonely, but deeply happy.  He had a job he loved, faithful friends, a nice enough lodge and enough candy cane to fill his tummy.  He traded his cocoa for a strong coffee and life started getting back into focus.  The lights in the tree were blinking bright, the beauties were as gorgeous as he remembered.   Aaah!  That was the good life he loved so much, he did wanted an elf of his own to share his life with, but he knew it was only a matter of time until he found his own mischievous angel.

 Groovy Lights overlays


Today’s freebie is a set of Groovy Light overlays.  And no need for liquor since they’re already blurry…  Sit on your recliner, put your feet up, and get your set —> HERE

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