The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 10

There’s a buzz in the North Pole.  The elves are giddy with excitement!  Guess what?  The North Pole athletes were invited to be part of the next winter Olympics!  For the first time in the Olympics history, a delegation from the North Pole will be walking along the other great athletes of the world.  They’ve been training hard and are getting ready for the opening ceremony.  That will be an incredible sight!  Elves walking together in the stadium, showing their pride and holding their flags high!  Sidney Pucksby was going to be the flag bearer, that was quite an honor!  The first ever flag bearer of the North Pole!  He was also named team captain for the elves hockey team (their team name is really appropriate for polar regions, the Penguins, lol), he took both leadership roles very seriously.    That Pucksby elf never gave up and was a team player so he was highly appreciated by his team mates.  

While the team was training, there was an epic confrontation!  Since they’re so close to Russia, they had asked Russia’s best players to come for an off season game.  The Russian team captain and Pucksby held an intense face off, when the puck dropped it was all or nothing for both teams.  No one wanted to go home with a loss.

Ice Overlays

 The game was exciting, on both sides!  It ended up in a tie, so no team reign champion thus far.  Revenge match will be held during the Olympics, and that’s where we’ll separate the elves from the boys!!

Today’s freebie has been collected on the North Pole rink, Ice Overlays.  Cheer for Pucksby’s team HERE

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