The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 7

At the end of a busy day at the toy factory, when all the elves have gone back to their lodges, turned off the lights and locked the doors, something mysterious happens.  Every single night.  When the North Pole people sleep, noise starts to spread across the place, lights blink back to life and animation fills the air.  Oh, yes, what you already knew, deep in the recess of your imagination, is true.  Toys do come to life at night.  They are very social and love to play with each other.  They need to connect with other toys, not only with humans.  Dolls start romances, stuffed animals play tea party, vehicles have their races.  They dance and play the night away, always ending the night one hour before sunrise, with a toy parade.  Horses lead the way,  followed by toy soldiers in formation, then come the circus and action figures.  They march to the beat of the little drummers and make their way around the factory before going back to their boxes, pretending to sleep but intently watching the elves at work.   It’s a magical time for them and humans are clueless about it.  

There was an elf once who witnessed the whole party and that’s how the Elf on the Shelf tradition started.  Real elves suddenly started designing toy elves, to be sent in families around the world.  Knowing that at night, the mischief would start and humans would wonder how on Earth this would happen.

If you ever catch a toy or an elf in action, please do share it’s story or photo with us!  You can also share the magic by adding that photo to this Facebook timeline template 🙂

Joy timeline


You’re invited to the toy factory party  —-> HERE

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