The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 3

It was a beautiful crisp day in the North Pole.  When the sky is that clear, you know it’s damn cold.  The kind of day when your nostrils freeze shut when you breathe.  An ordinary day in the North Pole, or January in Canada.  Ludovic, a mischievous elf who was always up to something and who was a runner-up for the next Elf on the Shelf delivery, was having a really bad day.  You see, the selection process to be an Elf on the Shelf was a lot like those reality shows you see on tv.  The more mischievous you are, the more votes you get.  But that elimination process creates some animosity between the elves.  And today, Ludovic’s competitors decided to turn on him.  Since most of Ludovic’s pranks were played upon the other runner-ups, they decided it was time for payback!  Ludovic may be a trickster, but he has a gentle soul and can be quite naive sometimes, so the others played on that.

They made him believe that there was a new challenge in the competition and that would be the turning point in nominating the winner.  He went right along with it, never suspected foul play.  Poor Ludovic!  They blindfolded him, brought him outside and told him there was a candy cane tasting challenge!  But, of course there wasn’t.  Ludovic stuck out his tongue slowly and felt the icy cold surface.  Instantly he felt the strong bond of the frost on whatever they had him stuck to.  Once the blindfold removed, he saw that it was the satellite tower.  He was stuck there for a long moment, the elves all laughing at his expense.

Thankfully Blitzen, one of  Santa’s reindeer was nearby and heard the commotion.  He came to Ludovic’s rescue by blowing its warm breath on the tower pole, freeing the poor elf, who left a small piece of his tongue behind.  The other elves had some explaining to do to the judging panel, and they were pulled out of the competition.  The Ice Fairy sent them back to the toy factory, reminding them that Elves on the Shelves should be mischievous but not selfish or  malicious.  They’d get another chance next year.  Ludovic was elected to be sent as an Elf on the Shelf and was sent to a loving family who was thrilled by the playful tricks he played around the house.

Frost Overlay

Today’s freebie was captured on that day, frost overlays, as seen up close, but no piece of tongue left on them, promise!  Get them here —->  Brrrr!

2 Comments on The 12 Days of Christmas 2013 edition – Day 3

  1. Betty
    December 4, 2013 at 12:07 am (5 years ago)

    You are so generous…thank you! I feel this little elf’s pain. When I was 4 or 5, I stuck my tongue to the bottom of a metal ice tray (bet you’re too young to remember those) that had just come from the freezer!

  2. Jan
    December 8, 2013 at 2:05 pm (5 years ago)

    LOL! Too cute!


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