Sisterhood Stories – Beautiful day…

Last Saturday was such a beautiful day…

I had some time by myself,  all my boys were busy some place.   I was left with some time on my hands to do whatever I pleased.   It was such a nice day,  the sun was shining and everything was covered in a fresh coat of snow,  it wasn’t even cold.  So,  my “me” time started with some pretty cupcakes I bought.  I set my stuff up by the window to get the best light,  got my plates and old silverware and took some lovely images.  And, of course I got to eat some of those cupcakes!  


Then I went out for a walk by the river,  where the old mill is, it was so nice out,  and I was alone with the birdies, it was so quiet…

On my way back home I stopped by Starbucks and indulged in my favorite latte .   And when my boys returned, I could not resist capturing those sweet, tiny freckles…   Life is good!!

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  1. Silvina
    February 20, 2013 at 11:53 am (7 years ago)

    Son preciosas estas fotografías! En realidad son excelentes todas tus fotos.Hermoso blog. Abrazos desde Argentina.


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