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I’ve always been an avid reader,  for as long as I can remember.  I read anything and everything!  My mom taught me to read when I was four,  before kindergarten.  I never stopped reading since that day when a new world opened it’s secrets to me.   And such amazing secrets they were!  I used to read all day.  I remember being as old as my youngest and waiting for the public library doors to open.   They would open only once a week where I lived at the time.  For the young reader that I was,  once a week was simply not enough,  so the library ladies made a deal with me,  they created a special card for me,  that had no book limits on it.   I was the only one with that special card.  Everyone else had that 5 book a week limit,  but since I probably read 5 books a day,  well,  it just wasn’t the right card for me!  I would even write my own stories at that young age too,  mysteries solved by a group of kids,  me and my friends mostly.  None of these pages still remain though,  but the exercise was a good one.

 When I got to my teens,  the library hired me.  Obviously,  I had read so many of the books they had on the shelves,  I was made for the job.  I worked there until I left for college.  I loved working as a librarian,  and would go back to it in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself.

So,  it was the natural thing for me to introduce the magical world of books to my kids.  Since they were babies,  they had access to tons of books, that at first I would read to them.  But now they make their own choices and live the imaginary adventures they want to be the heroes of.  Reading is such an amazing gift to give to any children.

Libraries hold so many possibilities, and it’s free! I know I would have gone bankrupt a long time ago if I had to buy all the books me and my sons have read.  So I hope you take some time to visit your local public library, whether you have access to a big or a small one,  I’m sure you’ll find something you like on it’s shelves.  

We do buy many books, there is a book for everyone under the tree every Christmas.  I can’t resist a new cooking book or an art book, or a new chick mystery for that matter!  

Not all my shelves are that tidy…

We have books we love and treasure, some we got from my parents and I hope my sons will pass them on the next generation…

Those were the books my dad was reading when he was my son’s age.  My son now reads them…

What are your favorite books?  Share!  I’m always on the lookout for new books, because,  of course,  I read faster than they write!

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2 Comments on Sisterhood Stories – Books

  1. Kay
    November 7, 2012 at 11:18 am (7 years ago)

    Wonderful post Isabelle. I am a huge book lover and an avid reader since a very young age. I think we have a lot in common from that point of view. I am so glad you passed the gift of reading onto your children, as I really think its the greatest gift /skill you can ever give them. Its the road to knowledge and understanding and you are never lonely once you can read. xx

  2. Az
    November 18, 2012 at 11:38 pm (7 years ago)

    I love reading so much! I love and respect all readers and in this age of technology when I find a reader it’s like you found a friend! I always tell my kids that reading is in their genes because I come fom a family of readers:) beautiful post of my very favorite subjuct! Thank dear for more insights into your life xx


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