Cool tips for using your textures…

You may not know but all the textures you use can be easily modified to suit your photos. How often have you liked the look of one texture, but the coloring when added to your own photo’s color doesn’t give the best results? It happens to me often, and I always end up using the same technique.
-First, open your texture, and desaturate it. You may add lightness if you wish so it fades even more.
-Then add a new layer, Go to Edit->Fill Fill it with a color that matches your background (or subject) by using the color picker tool.
– Adjust the blending mode and opacity to your liking, and you have a new texture that fits your photo.

When I designed my set, I kept this trick in mind, because I use it often. That’s why a couple of textures are subtle enough to be easily converted to a whole new color range.

Try it, be creative!

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